Have questions but don't want to bother us just yet? take a look below for the common requests for information, For anything else, just get in touch.


How long does a basic hull scrub take?

The average hull scrub service can take up to two hours, as the boats increase in size we work on adding approximately 30 minutes per dive. During this time frame we cover every inch of the hull to ensure a deep clean.

My boat has been in the water along time, will this be more expensive to clean?

On entering the water, the swimmer will immediately start filming the first part of the video. This will involve an inspection of the boat, a spot test and from there a judgement of the work at hand. Our prices are based on a boat that has been in the water for around 1.5 years, however if the diver finds the vessel is far beyond the original scope of work we will immediately contact the owner to discuss options before continuing.

What will the video show ?

From the waterline we will film around the boat showing all of the growth, a close up of the anodes, prop/shaft, a close view of the keel and any areas of concern. We will then work our magic on the boat and film the same areas after they have been cleaned. This video will be sent within 12 hours of the clean being completed.

Can I provide my own anodes for you to swap ?

Yes, the swimmer will provide tools to make the change and will be happy to use your own fittings if you have them available. However, we can also provide you with a single quote for both the parts and scrub.

Are you insured ?

Yes, we are insured up to 2m Public Liability insurance and permitted to work in most marinas in Poole Harbour. We also have health and safety check cards and an environmental policy that are with each swimmer.

Where can I get a scrub ?

If you are on a mooring buoy, just passing through and at anchor locally or in a marina, we can get to you either by road or boat. We have permission to work in some of the marinas around Poole but please contact us to confirm your boat location and we can advise our ability to service you.

What are the benefits of a Aqua Scrub ?

A half year or annual scrub can save you time and money. A smooth bottom decreases drags and improves fuel consumption, as well as making access to working parts such as anodes and through hull fittings nice and clear. It also helps in reducing fouled intakes into engines and built in generators.

is this safe for the environment ?

Yes, everything we remove is natural organic growth from the vessel and none of our tools are harsh enough to remove anti foul or any other man made below water products. Furthermore, if we feel that the work we are doing is going to affect the environment in any way then we will recommend a lift and connect you with a partner. For more information please take a look at our Environmental Policy.

Do I need to attend whilst the diver is working?

No, is the quick response. There is not much to see from above the waterline. We will of course contact you once we have completed our work and you will also receive your video report. However, you are very welcome to come down and observe, our staff are very professional and friendly.